Our Strengths

Our Director and Principal Consultant, Dr. Bryan Wong has over 25 years of industry experience in engineering and technical sales dealing with multinationals located in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and India.  Dr. Bryan Wong holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electrical Engineering, possesses an MBA with distinction and earned his PhD in Organization Behavior.

In our sales training business, we stand out among other training service providers. We offer to train your salespeople through case studies, workshops and role plays.  Although there are numerous training service providers out there which offer sales training programs, we are different from them in a number of ways. The following are our strengths and value propositions :

  1. Our training materials are unique. We integrate our real-life experience and adapt some materials from overseas training programs which we attended over the past 20 years.
  2. Our training materials are semi-customized specific to your sales team, your industry and your competitive landscape. Prior to every training engagements, we will research your market, products, and competition. This aims to make the training more relevant and beneficial.
  3. Our training programs are conducted on-site at your premises. We offer to travel to your office, factory, or an off-site location nearer to you. This will save your salespeople’s time and company’s cost.
  4. Our training programs are targeted for small group of salespeople. To maximize learning effectiveness and interaction, we limit the number of attendees in each sales training sessions to a maximum of 12 people.
  5. Our training programs are highly price competitive for group. While many sales training companies charge exorbitant fees for customizing on-site training programs, we understand the need to save company’s training expenses and maximize learning effectiveness.
  6. Our key account management workshop is a hands-on workshop where attendees are required to do their sales account planning slides and present for 15 minutes. Comments will be provided so that everybody learns and improves.

Feel free to send your queries or request for a quote at  bryan.wong@excellonconsulting.com